My full name is Bogdan N. Bibikov. I was born in Russia (USSR), but I consider my home is Odessa (Ukraine), where I spent my childhood and adolescence. However, my restless nature and thirst for adventure led me to the fact that I've lived considerable part of my life in other cities and countries.

From early childhood parents instilled in me a love of travel, nature and animals. This greatly influenced my worldview and interests, and has served as inspiration for my works later. Passion for photography has not yet become a matter of my whole life, and my main activities are focused in another area, but the process of photography of nature, transferring of own vision of the world through photos, became my favorite hobby to which I devote a substantial part of my time.

I hope that viewing my photos will bring you great pleasure. And I'll be very happy if during viewing you'll see the world through my eyes...
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